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Maisy Carroll

Maisy Carroll

My name is Maisy Carroll, and I am a​ 17 year old​ student​ ​studying Biology, Chemistry, Psychology and Health and Social Care. I was made aware of the charity through Jenny Hodson from Voluntary Action North East Lincolnshire and later became a member of the charity committee after expressing my interest in volunteering both locally and internationally!​ I hope my future career will be closely related to International Development, including improving the quality of life for people in developing countries.

Maisy’s Volunteers’ Week Testimonial

Hi, I’m Maisy Carroll and I’m a volunteer for Counting Hope, an upcoming Charitable Incorporated Organisation, currently focusing on improving the lives of people living in Sal Island, Cape Verde.

Previously, I have volunteered for Healing Young People’s Council in organising village events to raise money for different charities such as Brake. I volunteer as I find it very rewarding to help those in need and really enjoy the different fundraising activities and events that are put on to generate funds and bring everyone together.

I hope to carry on volunteering in the future, both locally and abroad to experience different cultures and communities while helping people.

As a side note from Andy Green – whilst it may not appear as though Maisy has done a lot of volunteering, we know that she has made a substantial impact in her local area, and besides: it is not about how much volunteering you do, it’s about the difference you make. Counting Hope aims to empower people in this region as well as Cabo Verde by providing opportunities to people like Maisy to follow their passion and develop skills that will help them in all aspects of lives.

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