Counting Hope empowers people, with a focus on education!

In a nutshell, this is what we do and whilst our main focus at the minute is Sal Island, Cabo Verde it is important to remember that Counting Hope empowers everyone involved and if our work in Sal Island is a success there’s no end to what we can achieve!

Counting Hope works with various organisations including Franklin College, Vista Verde, educational suppliers and building suppliers to collect resources and donations to help the people of Sal Island help themselves!
That may be resources that enable them to get a better education, carry out maintenance on dangerous buildings, offer them shelter from the blazing sun, or even get them off the streets!

We also organise fundraising events and campaigns here in the UK to get more people involved with Counting Hope and show them why we do what we do.

As a committee, we meet as regularly as possible to ensure that our efforts are being used to achieve the right things and the empowerment that we offer to the people of Sal Island is the most it can be. We don’t want Sal Island to struggle any minute longer than they need to!